Avra Epstein
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Avra Epstein is the founder of LoveWildLiveFree and a Toronto based lawyer who LOVES to create organic, vegan meals in her healthy green kitchen. For as long as she can remember she has educated herself in the areas of alternative health and nutrition. LoveWildLiveFree is an outlet for her passion and commitment in spreading the message that a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle is something that anyone can do, on any budget. At www.lovewildlivefree.com you will find simple green living resources for everything in your daily life from beauty to nutrition to health & wellness. You will also will find recipes with vibrant ingredients, free of animal products, soy, refined sugars, synthetic chemicals and that are gluten-free friendly. Her meal-time inspiration, with an emphasis on healing foods, will make you feel good, inside and out!

Vegan Thursday: Snacking Apple Slices

These apples topped with creamy raw almond butter, pecans and sesame seeds are the perfect raw vegan mid-afternoon pick me up! I love the flavour combination of almond, pecans and sesame seeds. This s…