Athleisure: The New Hot Guy Trend

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I feel in my heart of hearts that Athleisure is going to stick around longer than we expected it to be. Case in point, hot guys are wearing more structured sweatpants and and baring more ankles recently and we appreciate it.


Personally, I think hot guys are the new trendsetters. I mean when did cropped pants became widely accepted? They just wear things that seemingly do not make sense and  we can’t help but snap our necks and take notes.

I’d like to discuss how this happened but first we must define who is a “Hot Guy”.

-Obviously anyone who works for PSR Brokerage. Jk but not really.

-Ryan Reynolds

-Daniel Henney

-The guys who own Rebels Refinery

-Anyone who shops regularly at Reigning Champ

-Drake sometimes

-Many of the objectively attractive guys in your cross-fit class who are also super into self help books.



You get the idea. Now let’s get back to Athleisure – what makes it so cool and how did this happen? I believe it’s partly because of the following:

-The mystery of whether they’re just coming from the gym or heading to? Either way, #weappreciate.

-It could also be the all around relaxed feel the soft materials give them which in turn spreads to whoever is around a 20 feet radius.

-Perhaps the suit fatigue finally came through and they eventually got sick of wearing the same cobalt blue suit day in AND day out. It possibly became their version of jean jackets back in 2015.


I say the likelihood of Athleisure spreading over well into 2017 is quite high and if you have a trend you’re looking to start, just pitch it to the contingent of hot guys located at your nearest indie coffee house.


Shiela is the original Small Girl and the Founder/Content Editor of Small Girl Medium City. She spent the majority of her "Grown Up" life in Toronto and reluctantly calls it the 6ix. Connect with her on Instagram - @shylo_l and Twitter - @sgmc_to; Definitely say hi when you see her on the mean streets!

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