Why Am So Casual With Saying “I Love You”?

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Guys, I’ve done it! I’ve finally managed to come to a realization that I love a human being and actually squeezed the words out. Albeit in a very awkward manner, but I think you would agree that’s on brand. I mean this not in the way that I say I love my mum or the Pizza Hut delivery man, or pretty girls’ sun freckles – I mean it in the way that I worry if he’s had lunch or not – it’s weird and stalkerish. Anyway, this whole giddy fiasco made me wonder if we’re getting the L word confused. Why is it that the phrase “I love you” is so easy to say about most inanimate objects (I love truffle fries, I love All of Zara’s SS18 shoes, I say I love you to every dog I meet) but so difficult for most people to verbalize it to another person?

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I’m at constant risk of saying I love you to anyone who does any type of favor for me. Saying I love you has become a reflex and yes, there are worse things to say than you love something or someone but does that diminish the weight of the phrase? I have so many questions.

The response to my profession of love wasn’t given until over a week after. I guess he didn’t share my casual relationship with the phrase and obviously because I’m sort of petty, I used that time in between to over analyze and concoct passive aggressive comments – the usual. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! My thoughts were, I already know he loves me but WHY is he taking so long to say it?

When he finally did, I was stunned and thought “Are you sure?”

The older we get the more politics come with the phrase. Sadly, saying I love you often times come with obligation and awkwardness but maybe that’s what makes it thrilling?

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I honestly don’t think it should be that big of a deal to say it. I think it doesn’t have to come with an unintended pressure but instead a verbal reaction to an honest emotion. Listen at the end of the day, there are plenty of worse things you can do than tell people you love them.

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