Figure It Out: Female Entrepreurship

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SGMC  holds a special place in me. It is essentially a diary of my struggles, triumph, questions, passions, heart aches and more. It has become to me, more than a collection of brand collaborations and product advertisements but a real reflection of the person I’m becoming and the paths I’ve chosen.

We have been working on the Figure It Out column for a some time now and have interviewed really bad ass entrepreneurs, but somehow this time around I feel a renewed sense of appreciation. I think in part, because I’m going through this experience myself – I’m looking for guidance and some real concrete assurance that the hard work pays off and the self-doubt is conquerable. Aligning myself to such a group is at times laughable because I feel as though I’ve taken the “fake it til you make it” mind set to the absolute furthest it can go (ask me about my elevator pitch later) but surrounding myself with good people I can learn from convince me that this is in fact real and of value.

Figure It Out is about real human stories and allowing readers to relate to their wins and messes, be able to ask questions, and most importantly – to inspire to set their own rules and follow curiosities. Stay tuned for more stories!

Shiela is the original Small Girl and the Founder/Content Editor of Small Girl Medium City. She spent the majority of her "Grown Up" life in Toronto and reluctantly calls it the 6ix. Connect with her on Instagram - @shylo_l and Twitter - @sgmc_to; Definitely say hi when you see her on the mean streets!

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