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Kelly Bedore is a Life and Wellness Coach dedicated to personal development, health-style, and reaching goals. She has an active blog, 1-on-1 coaching programs, and coaching packages. You can find it all here on her amazing website!


Kelly attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she got her BA in Kinesiology & Phys Ed. She later attended George Brown College for Sport & Event Marketing. In addition to being a Certified Life Coach, she is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

Besides her list of credentials, one thing stood out to me when speaking with Kelly about her career. A few years ago, she she did what most of us fantasize about doing around 3pm on week day afternoon.

She quit her job, packed her bags, and left the country.

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Can you give me some background on yourself?

After University I got a job as a personal trainer, moved downtown and went to George Brown College for sport and event marketing. After I finished school I got a job as a personal assistant where I did everything from managed a payroll account, property management, walked her dog, grocery shopped and cooked healthy meals. (oh, and I moved to Florida for 3 months with her, where I got paid to suntan and swim) 2 years went by, and I felt stuck.

So, I quit and began waitressing while I looked for a “real job” and very quickly got consumed with partying and was living a very un-healthy lifestyle. I was so lost, confused and desperate to figure out who I was, so on a whim, I applied to a Flight Attendant position for Emirates Airline in Dubai.

I got the job, and two months later I packed up my life, left my friends, family and boyfriend behind, and moved to Dubai, UAE. I spent two years flying in the skies, traveling the world and spending time discovering what my passions were. I started a blog ( and I fell in love with personal development, self-care and wellness. I was inspired by the world.

It woke me up, and I finally began to listen. I heard the calling from deep within that I was more powerful than I knew I was, and that I am here to motivate, coach and inspire people to live truly happy and fulfilling lives.

So, I packed up my life again and returned home. It was a very emotional time for me that I will always cherish. I grew immensely and I am so grateful for having such a life changing experience that brought me to where I am today.

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What did you want to be growing up/while in school?

During my University days, I was completely lost. I saw what other people around me were striving for (corporate careers, sports marketing jobs and PR jobs) and thought that’s what I should be striving for as well. It wasn’t until I began failing to succeed in these roles, and hating my life sitting in a cubicle 9-5 that I knew I was meant for something greater. My soul was craving entrepreneurship.

What type of training did you need to complete to be a life coach?

Life Coaching is not a regulated field, so literally anyone can just say, “I’m a Life Coach!” and take on clients. However, I am certified through the CCF {Certified Coaches Federation} and my passion for continual learning always has me reading and researching all there is to know about life, the human mind, our bodies, and the spiritual world.

If someone was looking to get a Life Coach, what qualities should they look for?

Most importantly, if they are offering something that will solve your problem. Coaches usually have e-books, or coaching programs/courses available that are there to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s loosing weight, balancing hormones, finding work-life balance, career coaching, or mindset shifting.

And secondly, if their whole vibe feels good to you. Does their website, social media platforms and content they put out there inspire you, and make you feel good? If so – she’s the right coach for you!

What is an average salary for a Life Coach?

That’s tough to say really, because there are so many ends of the spectrum. But the very successful coaches I look up to, are making $10,000-$20,000 / month.

I love your website, who made it?

I did it all myself! I use WordPress and host it on Gator. I also use Canva to create all my own graphics. Oh, and Fiverr is a great resource for outsourcing anyone I used that to find a girl to do my logo.

5-10 year career plan?

I see myself building my brand online, working from home and branching out into other lifestyle areas like fitness, apparel, and eventually I want to write a book.

What changes/shifts have you seen happen in your industry?

I’ve seen so many coaches shift from being health/wellness/life coaches into business coaches for “new coaches” that are just starting their own online business. There is a ton of information out there and so many women that I’ve reached out to and leaned on for support, while I was starting.

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What type of female would you recommend going into your field (personality, general interests)?

She has to be brave, and connected to God/Universe/Inner Guide. She needs to be able to tap into the frequency of her soul and be brave enough to follow each next step, as they unveil themselves. She needs to have a passion for self-help and personal development, with a very specific niche in order to be successful online.


What do you do each day to progress your career? Any habits or routines you follow to ensure personal and professional success?

I write every day. Whether it’s a blog post, an e-book, program, or just journaling for my personal self – care. It is a creative outlet of mine that I truly enjoy, and I find if I’m stuck or in a funk, writing, will bring me back to an inspired energy field.

I also love to meditate. I try to do it every day, even for 5 minutes or so – but if I’m ever feeling overwhelmed, stressed or in complete anxiety mode I immediately stop what I’m doing, and meditate. It brings me peace, and I am able to truly connect to myself again which brings a sense of calmness and belief that everything is going to be okay.

Do you utilize any websites or other platforms to improve your writing skills? Do you have any recommendations to people that do want to improve their writing skills?

There are lots of copywriting coaches out there! I haven’t used one yet, but I am totally into Nikki Elledge Brown and her whole vibe. I’ve signed up for her freebies and loved them! She has “a Course About Copy” program that teaches you how to write compelling words. Fun stuff!

What are some aspects of your job that people might not consider before entering it as a career?

You are always learning. You are always reading new books, researching new tools, practicing techniques, reflecting on your own life in order to help others, learning from your clients personal breakthroughs. You are always pushing your own limits. You are always up-levelling you spiritual practice, fitness program, nutrition habits, coaching techniques etc…

Who are your career role models? What would you have done differently to get where you are now?

First and foremost, my own Coach, Kris Britton. Working with her has brought out a level of confidence I never knew I had, she has pushed me to look deeper into every single thing that holds me back, and her light she shines inspires me every day.


What advice would you give someone utilizing social media to advance their career?

Consistency is key! Writing blogs, insta or Facebook posts on a regular basis keeps your followers engaged and intrigued! Keeping with a consistent colour scheme also helps for visual like-ability.

Being open and honest with your posts as well as providing value in each post. Don’t just post on social media, just to post. Ask yourself what your followers need to hear from you. What would give them value? Then post.

Insta – @kellybedore


“I moved to Toronto as a doe-eyed 23 year old looking to find adulthood and success, and the last few years has been an ‘eye-opening experience’ for me to say the least. I live by one belief, “My kingdom wont build itself”. I am constantly looking for ways to evolve my career, education, and character. Joining the SGMC crew has given me an outlet to share all of my findings with you! As a young professional looking to advance my career in Toronto, I thought I could create an engaging conversation for young women who want to do the same. ‘Figure it Out’ will provide a space for those of us who are just starting our careers to gain perspective and guidance from women who have “been there”.

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