“How We Met Stories” So You Don’t Have To Tell People You Met On Tinder

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For the most part, people who met their significant others on Tinder are renegades – complete mavericks. You sort of have to be if you’re the type to jump into this cesspool of modern dating and try your luck. But also, those individuals must be incredibly lucky to have met someone who not only must wonderfully satiate them in bed but ALSO is not completely embarrassing to be seen with in public.

Though “We met on Tinder” is not a completely awful  answer to the question “So..how did you two meet?”, sometimes making up a different story is less complicated. Especially when explaining what Tinder is to your 85 year old grandmother.

So here I am, sitting on my desk – I skipped lunch again to bring you a list of alternative stories to tell your family or complete strangers of how you met your Bae (still ironically relevant).

In da club

You decided to get down and dirty one night and let your fiery dance moves loose. You elbowed her while getting down to JBiebs ‘Sorry’.

Casting for the Bachelor Canada.

She was the only one with least prominent crazy eyes.

At a gay bar

It was a completely random night. You saw him mouthing the words to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Why was he at a gay bar? You’re too afraid to ask.

In line…for Service Canada

He groaned really loudly but it was a cute groan. You end up talking about your whole lives, passions, future plans, and also got married while in line.

In Saint Croix

Your collective ignorance of the pronunciation brought you together.

Ultimate Frisbee

She laughed when you called it a sport.


She ate 13 tacos, you were impressed and not at all grossed out.

On a train to Montenegro

His then girlfriend seduced your blind boyfriend when she pretended she was you. (dramaa)

Plenty Of Fish

It still exists, right?

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