I Tried The New Video Dating App Zepeel – Let’s Discuss

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 “You have to try different approaches to get different results.”
-A super cute boy

If you have been reading/following my blog, you’ll know that I have written extensively about the fiasco that is my dating life. And as a bonafide millennial, I don’t shy away from technological advances especially the ones pertaining to dating.  Having met your significant other on a dating site/app is no longer taboo or a point of embarrassment, because guess what? Everyone is on it!

Technology has come a very long way, can we please just leave our judgmental thoughts at the doorway and at the very least try new things?

Speaking of new things to try, have you heard of this new dating app called Zepeel? It’s similar to the existing apps but with the added novelty of mobile video interactions. My first thought was, “Hmm…unwanted shirtless videos…or worse.” But I was curious and curiosity is my demise. So I went ahead and downloaded the app.

Truth be told, I was never a fan of videos of myself, which is why SGMC never made a vlog, but there’s a first for everything. I told my brunch buddies about this, first to get their opinion and also to ask for their help in filming my video profile – because lets be honest, if left unattended my video profile will be a minute filled with puns, sarcasm, and unsolicited “fun facts”.



The profile was a breeze to set up but I noticed a few things. First, it asks for either a profile photo or video – pretty standard, and then it asks for your body type and height. I suppose with the rise of Tinder and our new found honesty for physical attraction, these are the questions that you usually WANT to ask but try not to for the fear of being rude. This is the internet after all and I appreciate not having to ask those things outright.

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Next, there are boxes to tick (Do you Smoke, Do you exercise, Do you have kids). All pretty helpful to know, though perhaps they could add a few more (Do you have a job – no like a real one? Do you live north of Bloor or East of Parliament? Will you ever ask me to go portaging? Are you a reader or a watcher – why can’t you be both?) but maybe I’m a wishful thinker.

So with my profile all set up, I proceeded to “browse” but to my dismay – yes dismay, I found about 50% of the men within my vicinity haven’t even set up their profiles yet. Men amirite? JK but I wish more profiles have been set properly so I have more than 10 to choose from. I mean I get it, it’s a new app and I’m sure there will be more sign ups – perhaps after they’ve read this post.



So I continue scrolling and to my surprise, this seemingly normal and conventionally attractive man appeared on my list. Hey thanks universe! But wait a minute, he’s 1km away and he’s cute, like the Bachelorette type of cute – which upon further research (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about), it turns out that he actually was in the show!

Naturally, I messaged him first because I’m impatient and I got some questions. Hmm..how do I start this conversation and potentially charm him to fall in love with me? I went with the very obvious, “Hey David – are you real?”. Still waiting, I’ll keep you posted.

Colour me impressed Zepeel, for having a Bachelorette alum. Now let’s just get more sign ups and get this ball rolling!




A very wise R&B singer once said, “Sometimes love comes around, and it knocks you down. Just get back up when it knocks you down.” I agree with Keri Hilson completely and will add that some times, new approaches are worth trying, so go ahead, ask your bffs to help you with your video profile and dive right in!

As for me, I think I’ve conquered my semi-fear of video profiles. It’s actually quite entertaining! Though I’m still waiting on David to message me back, I have many Bachelorette related questions.

Shiela is the original Small Girl and the Founder/Content Editor of Small Girl Medium City. She spent the majority of her "Grown Up" life in Toronto and reluctantly calls it the 6ix. Connect with her on Instagram - @shylo_l and Twitter - @sgmc_to; Definitely say hi when you see her on the mean streets!

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    What’s up, I read your blogs on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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