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Julia Rowland, Blogger/Film Maker

Born in downtown Toronto, I always felt like the world was waiting for me outside my front door. From swinging on swings in Dufferin Grove Park, to running through the bat cave at the Royal Ontario Museum, to sipping cocktails on Dundas West and attending art gallery openings, Toronto enriched my childhood and shaped my adulthood.

Twenty-something years later, I still call Toronto home. I work primarily in reality television and write, produce, and direct short films whenever time allows. I also write fiction and non-fiction pieces.

I love a great story. I am truly in love with the art of storytelling. I especially love stories about women, fiction and non-fiction, and am incredibly excited to be a part of Small Girl Medium City.

In my spare time I like eating cheese, avoiding exercise and drinking rosé. In my spare time I am apparently a glutton.

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Instagram: @juliachronicles

Twitter: @juliachronicles