Late Summer Playlist: Here’s What I’m Jamming To

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We’re in August now kids. Or as I like to call it, late summer anxiety month. It’s the time when you begin to realize that the warm sunny days you’ve been taking for granted are now numbered. This is when you guiltily go all out and ‘try’ to spend as much outdoor time as possible.

FOMO is real and I have it too. Here’s a list of the tunes I jam to while on the way to yet another evening at a patio.


Mike Perry – The Ocean feat Shy Martin

Miniature Tigers – Swimming Pool Blues

COIN – Talk Too Much

Jocelyn Alice – Feels Right

Totem – Bubblegum

Handsome Ghost – Eyes Wide

Matoma – False Alarm

Kygo remix – Sexual Healing

Panama Wedding – All Of The People


Shiela is the original Small Girl and the Founder/Content Editor of Small Girl Medium City. She spent the majority of her "Grown Up" life in Toronto and reluctantly calls it the 6ix. Connect with her on Instagram - @shylo_l and Twitter - @sgmc_to; Definitely say hi when you see her on the mean streets!

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