My Weekend Getaway At The Trump Toronto Hotel!

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I’ve experienced many hangovers in my day, but none like the one that I’ve experienced last weekend. I think it may be the worst or best one yet because this one I know will stick with me and change the way I view the hospitality industry. Let me take you on a visual tour of my weekend staycation at the Trump Toronto Hotel!


My weekend started in the 31st floor at the America Restaurant, an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant. Now, I’ve been to America before for a dinner with a few fellow bloggers but this one is quite different. How? The moment I walked in, I was greeted so very warmly by the staff and was told that in fact the whole restaurant was booked for our lunch – let me repeat myself, the entire America Restaurant was booked for our lunch! If that doesn’t make a girl feel special – I don’t know what will!


America’s current menu is inspired by the American Gold Rush. For starters, we were presented with Rancho Tortilla – flounder ceviche verde with nopalitos and Hangtown Fry – bacon and oyster omelet (omg!). For the main, Smoked Halibut and Steak & Potatoes (featured above). And finally for dessert – a swoon worthy re-imagination of a Smoked Apple Pie. I must also mention that each course was carefully paired with beverages that not only amused me but also elevated the already delicious taste of each dish.

After lunch and a seamless check in, I headed up to our suite and was greeted by this!


The sheer amount of sweets scattered all over our beautiful suite was outrageous and I felt literally like a child in a lolly store!


I especially loved these whimsical eclairs from Nugateau!


We were warmly welcomed to a beautiful deluxe suite on the 21st floor with a breath taking corner view! The suite included a sitting area (mine was peppered with treats for my sweet tooth), a giant bathroom with the most beautiful bathtub (#bathroomgoals), a guest washroom, and of course the sun filled bed room with a king sized bed with all the pillows you will need to make a fort or a cozy nest – whatever you’re in the mood for!

I’m pretty sure I pranced around the suite for a few hours, sampling the amenities – my favourites are the consistently warm bathroom floors, the beautiful bathtub, AND the fact that your curtains are drawn automatically for you so that you may gently wake up to a room slowly filled with natural sunlight. Now to find a way to get all three amenities installed in my flat…hmm.


Never ever mention to the Trump Toronto Hotel staff how you dream of bathing while eating a tub of truffle popcorn – because they will make all your dreams come true!

Needless to say we were so floored and quite frankly I had to be dragged out of the suite. But with the promise of beautiful cocktails at Calvin Bar, I put on something pretty and conceded – and I’m quite glad I did!

The moment I opened their menu, I knew I was going to have a great time. Mix cocktails and words of literary geniuses, you know I’ll show up – 20 minutes late but I’ll show up!

FullSizeRender (1)

The Calvin Bar may be too flashy and pretty for Hemingway but F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald will definitely approve. Walking in feels like stepping into a modernized Great Gatsby party. Velvet couches, delicious cocktails, and of course impeccable service! Calvin Bar is a haven within the hussle and bussle of Bay Street.


We happily ended our evening at the Calvin and headed to bed, still pinching ourselves and hoping that this isn’t a dream. What an amazing day we had!

I woke up the next morning surprisingly without a hangover, it must be the beautiful sleep and the delicious smell of bedside brunch.


Trump Toronto Hotel, you know have spoiled me so and I’m afraid it will take some time for me to recover!

Thank you for the best weekend we’ve had in a while, for the warmest and kindest service, for the extra mile taken to ensure I was consistently floored, and for being the most luxurious haven in downtown Toronto! See you again soon!


Photos by the talented Jessilynn Wong from

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