Stephen Thomas

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Stephen Thomas Maciejowski, Advice Columnist,

Stephen-Thomas M is one of those small town boys who moved to the big city. From relationships to career and even personal style, he’s seen success… and failure! As a gay man in Toronto he has been on more first dates than you can shake a stick at and can tell you what not to wear, since he already made all the style mistakes for you. Today he’s dressing a little better as he traipses around Toronto as a fashion blogger.  Here on Small Girl Medium City he wants to answer the questions you are too afraid to ask your friends, or could never imagine asking your mom. He promises to give you his best advice and hopes it helps in a small (or medium) way.

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You can learn more about Stephen-Thomas M by clicking here and can follow him on instagram, @StephenThomasM. If you are more about SnapChat, see what he is up to by following stmblog, but be prepared for lip syncing snaps…